Project of Projects Part 2

So it’s been months since my last post!

Let’s see how are list is coming along:

1. Finish 1998 Honda Civic maintenance.  Done!!!

2. Sell 1998 Honda Civic.  Done!!!

3. Get tires off rims and disposed of. Done!!!

4. Call our Handyman for a few jobs.  Done, sorta.  Called, but he’s been super busy, will need to call again.

5. Fix Laura’s outdoor curtains.  Done!!!

6. Remodel garage. Not even close.

7. Sell 95% of RC car hobby stuff, getting started.

8. Sort out and maybe sell some guns, getting started.

Not too bad.  Now for things to add to this list.

9. Get 2nd set of 18″ Subaru STi wheels painted or powdercoated BBS Gold.

10. Get a Cobb Turboback exhaust for my 2011 STi.

11. Get a pro-time at Cobb socal for my 2011 STi.

12. Change my transmission gear oil and diff oil.

Okay Part 3 will be the updated consolidated prioritized list with some photos to make these boring posts more interesting.

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