The Atwood Son Of Pry Thing . . .

Yes, I collect knives too!

I have been fascinated with knives (and flashlights, but that’s a whole other post at some other time) since I was a child. I remember getting my first knife, a Victorinox Swiss Army Knife. It was the Classic model that they still make today. It was misplaced long ago, but I think I still have it somewhere. My fascination was furthered everytime my family would shop at Fedco. Fedco was some membership department store that my dad was a member of. Upon exiting the Pasadena location there was the ‘Shaver Shop.’ Well, they sold all kinds of knives. I would go there and stare at them while my folks were in the checkout line. I loved going and my second knife was bought for me there by my Dad, a Victorinox Swiss Army Knife as well, the Huntsmen. That one I still have and know it’s whereabouts.

Enough about me, I present to you the Atwood Son Of Pry Thing:

As delivered from Atwood Knives.

Peter Atwood hand makes his products and I find that appealing. Don’t get me wrong production knives can be just as cool, but this the first hand made knife I’ve purchased.

The full contents of the bag: Top Left: Belt clip – Top Right: Knife in Kydex Sheath – Middle Left: Length of Paracod – Bottom: Product Card

The ‘business’ end of The Song of Pry Thing. S30V stainless steel blade, bottle opener, and prying device.

Opposite side of blade. I believe this would be referred to as a chisel cut or style blade because it is flat on the back side.

Nice, thick blade.

Side view of the nicely finished paracord handle.

The hand made Kydex sheath with ball-chain for neck carry.

I like this as a neck-knife, alas I don’t carry it as such because I am unsure of State and Local laws in regards to neck-knives. Around the home and the outdoors I do carry it as a neck-knife.

The configurable belt clip. Very solid addition.

Son of Pry Thing in it’s sheath with belt clip attached.

Fellow knife whore, Brandon, request this photo as a size reference (click here for high-res version). I should have thought of that. Thanks Brandon!

All in all a beautiful functional piece of hand made hardware. Peter Atwood makes some really neat stuff and I know this won’t be the last item I purchase from him. For those that are curious you should check his site out. He also has a blog which keeps his customers abreast of what he is working on and what might be available for purchase. Click here for a full gallery of high-res photos.

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