West Coast Fall Surf Slam . . .

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Saturday morning I woke up at 3:45 AM to drive from Glendale to Hunington Beach to enter the West Coast Fall Surf Slam fishing tournament. This is the first fishing tournament I have ever entered. It was really just a good excuse to get a bunch of friends together for some fishing. The upside was the possibility of winning up to $2000.

I was in HB at 4:45 AM and got to park for free! They don’t start charging for parking until 5 AM, this saved me $10! Next to arrive was John at 4:59 AM! He snuck as the parking attendant was walking from her car to her post! Next Brain and CraigZ arrived. We registered right at 6 AM. The tourny didn’t start until 7:30 AM so we grabbed some breakfast burritos at Zack’s Too and got rigged up.

The view to my left.

According to the orginizers there were 360+ enterants. The beach area we were fishing was a tiny bit crowded, but not too bad.

The view to my right.

We started fishing before the actual tourney started at around 7:15 AM. Of course we all caught fish before the tourny started. In the end I caught 2 fish total, and only one counted, needless to say I didn’t win anything. I forgot everyone else’s totals, but all my friends did better than me. None the less it was still fun and I caught a couple fish. They all were surf perch.

Me in my new Berkley visor which was part of my goodie bag.

As part of the $20 entry fee the first 180 pre-registered enterants got a goodie bag which included some Owner hooks, Berkley Gulp bait, and a visor or t-shirt. Not bad. I also got some free Berkley Glup at a pre-tourney seminar at Performance Tackle the Thursday before which was pretty informative.

The post tournament raffle.

The raffle was was actually really good. They threw out some freebies before it started and CraigZ got some goodies. He also won more goodies in the raffle. I of course did not. After the raffle they announced the winner and handed out the CASH prizes. Unbelievably 3 people who finished in the money left before the prizes were given out! So they raffled off the left over cash in $100 chunks. There was now a MUCH smaller pool of people for this raffle. I, as you can guess, did not win anything. If I can I’m going to do this tournament again next year.

Thanks to all the folks who put this together and the voulenteers who help out to make it happen!

All my West Coast Fall Surf Slam photos are here.

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