Speaking of work lately . . .

Some things just stress me out

Like not having PROPER backups. Last thursday a RAID that I inherited freaked out. Overnight 2 bad disks, which is suspicious to me. This RAID was added to an existing RAID using growfs. So the system would see it as one giant 700+ GB disk. Well, after replacing disks the RAID did not rebuild and had no activity which it previously did. Uh oh. But, the system this was connected to continued to work!? I mean we could read and write etc. I think this is because we never crossed over on to the added RAID, but I’m not sure as I am no expert at RAIDs and DiskSuite. The shitty thing was there is no backup system for this server as there was “no money” for it, I hear that alot. Okay fine. Problem with that is when shit happens “The Man” wants us to turn in to David Copperfield and perform magic. Hmmm where to backup 215 GB of data, I know thin fucken air! Well I ‘found’ an ‘unused’ RAID with 7 disks in it. Then I ‘found/borrowed’ an Ultra 5 and built myself a 245 GB backup system. I hate having to ‘find’ and ‘borrow’ equipment to do my job, but oh well, hopefully all 215 GB makes it to the backup system, see ya in 10 hours!

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